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Make Offer

Make Offer 

How to use "Make Offer" Button  

A bidder can use the "Make Offer" Button to make an offer on any Auction that has the "Make Offer" button at the bottom of the listing.

Simply click the yellow button and enter your offer amount. The Select Source will receive your offer and may accept, deny or counter the offer. The bidder will be notified via the notification tab at the top of the screen (if using a computer). If using a mobile device; go to the menu tab (top left) and select the "My Account" Section. Once in the "Members Area" section; Click on the "Members Area" Select "Buying" and then Select "Offers" The Select Source' response will be located under "offers". You can accept, deny or counter the offer. If The Select Source accepts your offer, the listing will be "Closed" and the item will show up in "purchases". 

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