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About us

The Select Source brings buyers and sellers together.

Our online marketplace offers exclusive inventory in a secure, hassle-free environment. Buyers have access to merchandise in a variety of conditions to supplement their purchasing needs one item at a time or in large volume lots.

We specialize in used and refurbished products.

The Select Source team has been sourcing and liquidating product in online marketplaces for over 15 years, specializing in used, refurbished and salvage material. We know that this product has a value in the marketplace and that buyers are looking for these items. Many small businesses make their livelihood on buying and selling this type of merchandise. While this is becoming less desirable for other online marketplaces, at The Select Source we see this as opportunity.

Looking for product to sell? 

Join our community of buyers today. We work with many buyers who are looking for an alternative to eBay for finding great deals. At The Select Source our online marketplace offers a fresh approach to buying product. Many of our buyers are selling on other auction sites like eBay and finding great product here. We are working daily on enhancements to the buyer experience on the site. If you have an idea you’d like to share with us, email us at info@theselectsource.com. We’d love to hear about it.

Our team knows how to liquidate product.

We have sold hundreds of thousands of products in other auction-style online marketplaces and found the risks only increasing. As fees go up and sellers are shut down, buyers need a secure place to purchase merchandise consistently. The Select Source has created our online marketplace to support our buyers and sellers with effective, easy-to-use auctions and safe and secure payment terms through PayPal.

As other marketplaces get more complicated we strive to bring back an easy buying experience.

Contact us: info@theselectsource.com


Want to sell your merchandise on The Select Source? Contact us at sales@theselectsource.com for more information.

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