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Refund / Return Policy

Refunds or returns of merchandise must be approved by the Company's Customer Support team, and must be preceded by an honored dispute. Any attempt to rescind a payment or return property prior to an authorization by the Company will result in a delay of claim resolution, and may adversely impact the Buyer's ability to transact on our website. When a return is authorized, the Company does a full inspection of all merchandise upon return and units must be the same as when shipped out to the customer - including serial number, included accessories, etc. to be eligible for a full refund. Title to property remains with the Buyer until the returned property is accepted by the Company or by the Seller. 

The Select Source strives to provide our customers with the best possible experience on our site. Our goal is to present you with great deals on product in a true open marketplace. 

Items that are listed with guarantees to their functionality or cosmetic condition will be honored with a return policy for the customer for 7 days after the receipt of the item. If you receive an item that was sold in Fair, Good, Excellent, New or Refurbished condition it may be returned for 7 days after the receipt of the item for any failure that is contrary to the listed condition in which we sold the item. Items that are New or Refurbished may come with additional manufacturer’s warranties if described in the auction. 

Items that are listed as Untested or AS-IS come with no guarantees to their functionality or cosmetic condition and will not be eligible for return. These items are not tested in our facility and are intended for professional buyers only. No assumptions on the condition of the item should be made. Pictures and Images shown will be of the exact item you will receive, but may not be able to show all applicable cracks, breaks, scratches and or failures. Bidders should use this information when deciding what to bid on an item. Pallets or Truckload sales may have a variance in the amount of product by Plus (+) or Minus (-) 10 %. 

In every instance, it is the bidders responsibility to read all information presented about the auction (including warranty and shipping information) and look at all pictures and bid on the item based on all presented information. 

If a user demands to return or makes a PayPal claim for a unit that is not eligible for our returns policy that user will be responsible for shipping the item to the seller in the exact condition it was sold. No Return Shipping label will be provided. Credit for the item will be minus our costs incurred for shipping the item to you and a 30% restocking fee. This may also result in the deactivation of your account for violating the terms and conditions of the site. 

*It is the Buyer’s Responsibility to read all information about an auction and view all images before bidding to know exactly what they are purchasing. It is the Seller’s Responsibility to post all relevant information about an auction and represent the item in good faith. It is the Seller’s Responsibility to ship the correct item the user purchased or process the refund of the item. It is the Buyer’s Responsibility to report incorrect shipments within 3 business days of receiving the item. 

The Select Source retains the right to deactivate any Buyers or Sellers who fail to comply with the Returns Policy. 

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